Why You Should Buy An Outdoor TV

It’s no secret that Coloradoans love the outdoors. We’re the most active state in the U.S. We enjoy entertaining in the outdoors too. From cookouts to hot tubs, and pool parties, everything is better when it’s outside.

Outdoor entertaining is the fastest growing sector of home technology for a couple of reasons. First, we love being outside as much as possible. Second, outdoor living adds square footage to our entertainment area without the need for an expensive remodel or an even more costly move. Thanks to advances in technology there are more options than ever when it comes to choosing the perfect outdoor tv, speakers, and entertainment system that’s perfect for your home.

Outdoor TV

Just like inside your home, the foundation of your outdoor entertainment system is your outdoor TV. When deciding on the best outdoor TV for your home, you’ll typically want to go as big as your budget and space will allow. If you’re watching a 65″ television in your home from 10′ away, imagine trying to get a good view of a smaller tv from 30′ or more.

Weatherproof TV

Next, make sure that the tv you’re installing outside is meant to be outside. Don’t put your health at risk by installing an indoor tv, outside. You wouldn’t take a bath with your toaster, would you? An indoor tv isn’t designed to handle snow, rain, or heat. It will most certainly die when exposed to the elements; at worst it could kill you.

The Brighter 4K Outdoor TV

If you think the sun causes glare in your living room, imagine having a tv outside. Outdoor televisions are specifically designed to combat the sun’s glare, giving you a crisp, clear picture no matter the forecast. The newest televisions are 4K, and the new tv for your backyard is no exception. That’s right, full 4K Television in your backyard!

Outdoor televisions and speakers are a great way to enjoy the outdoors

Outdoor Speakers

The next step in your outdoor oasis is sound. Many outdoor televisions have soundbars as an option, but if you’re looking for something more, you may want to consider landscape speakers.

Landscape Speakers

Unlike traditional outdoor speakers, landscape speakers are the latest in outdoor entertainment. Unlike their conventional counterparts that are typically mounted on an exterior wall, landscape speakers can be configured with four speakers, eight speakers or more, based on the size of your listening area.

Speaker Placement

landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofer

The versatility of landscape speakers is what makes them the stars of any backyard. Whether they’re placed along your flowerbeds or at the top of a pergola, landscape speakers deliver the sound you want where you want it. What’s even better is they let you enjoy your music without the need to turn up the volume to agitating the neighbors level.

In-ground Subwoofer

Add excitement to your backyard entertainment system with an in-ground subwoofer. With an in-ground subwoofer, your backyard just might become the best place to watch your favorite movies. These subwoofers are buried directly into the ground with only a small, unobtrusive snorkel above ground. They’re the perfect finish to your outdoor tv and speaker system.

Outdoor WiFi

It’s great to be able to connect to your Wi-Fi to devices throughout your home, but frustration often starts when you try to connect your Wi-Fi network to a device outside. Depending on the size of your home, the materials it’s made out of, and the size of your property, your existing router may not be powerful enough to provide a reliable WiFi signal to your new outdoor entertainment area.

The most straight-forward solution is to add a wireless access point. These devices are made to be exposed to the elements year-round and are hardwired directly to the router located inside your home. With a wireless access point installed, you can seamlessly move from inside to outside without losing your WiFi signal.

Streaming Services

Once you have your wireless access point installed, you’ll be able to surf the web or take care of some last minute office work on your back patio anytime. You’ll also be able to stream your favorite services like Netflix directly to your outdoor tv. If you’ve added outdoor speakers to your system, you’ll also be able to control your entire listening experience directly from your smartphone.

Getting Started

There is nothing quite like gathering with friends and family listening to music, watching a movie, and sharing memories. Take your entertainment outdoors this year. You’ll be glad you did.